Thursday, March 16, 2017

Career Update 2017

Intent on improving upon last year’s rather disappointing casting situation I am aggressively going after as many casting opportunities as I can find and am relying much more on opportunities found online at Actors Access then I have in the past. So far this year I’ve managed to work on one IMDB credited college film, one IMDB credited improv indie film, one paid corporate video commercial and one paid PSA for health care. I have also sent in two taped video auditions (as yet outcome unknown) and have an upcoming in person audition for a paid college thesis film. I am also finally starting work on my much needed actor demo reel.

Work on the TV pilot for “Verrater” continues and now includes a “sizzle” reel to pitch the whole series to a network. Photos include one from “Verrater” and two from “Surface Shields” corporate video.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Career Update 2016 Part 2

2016 revolved around the finishing up of one TV series pilot, "Verrater" and the starting of another, "Hero Today Gone Tomorrow". I excitingly had the opportunity to audition in person for two national TV commercials including one at O'Connor Casting. I also auditioned for entrance into The School at the Steppenwolf. Unfortunately despite great preparation and what I felt were very good auditions, none of them led beyond the audition. Lastly, was the successful audition and preparation for a Indy short that was unfortunately put on hold.

Overall, 2016 was a slow year with a real lack of next level (paying) opportunities. It really highlighted that I needed an agent and a demo reel (beyond 1-2 online monologues). It also showed me how not being in SAG cost me (those two commercials ended up going to SAG only actors). If I am to even get the opportunity to audition for and work on acting gigs that can turn my acting jobs into an actual career, then 2017 needs to be the year of agents, demo reels and perhaps even SAG. Photos: two headshots by Zoe McKenzie and one of TV pilot "Verrater".

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Career Update 2016

Professional headshots taken by Zoe Mckenzie Photography are the perfect complement to a ever-expanding acting resume which includes links to some of my online audition monologues.

I wanted real life photos not idealized modeling ones. (No bait and switch here.)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Career Update 2015 Part 2

I had previously done industrial commercials for SAP and Aramark. 2015 presented me with my first regional TV commercial (Blaine’s Farm and Fleet), web commercial (One Globe Citizen), web documentary (Snakebite Protection "Knife") and a print commercial (Miller Coors).

After auditioning 1-2 times a week for the first half of 2015, I was rewarded with many speaking roles in everything from Indie feature films such as (Rapacious and The Coming-Apocalypse Revealed), TV web series such as (Redemption Revamp and Mirrored Personas), and student films such as (Vander’s Version, Orange, Stranded Thoughts and The Empath).

In between the filming I continued working on my acting skills at both the Green Room Studio (commercial and TV/film audition classes) and at the Green Shirt Studio (Shakespeare class: Tragedy of Julius Caesar with instructor Michael McKeogh)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Career Update 2015

2015: I made the full transition away from doing any kind of extra work even featured extra work; stand-in, photo and body double work and focused fully only on speaking role work and theater acting class work.
The last stand-in and featured extra work was for Chicago Fire.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Career Update 2

By summer 2014 I completed my third 10 week Acting as a Craft course and followed that up with an 8 week on camera TV/Film audition course all at The Chicago Actors Studio. Following that was a 4 week audition class at The Public House Theater that led to me finally developing an actor’s resume and headshot.

While the fall and winter did include doing some featured extra work it was predominantly spent auditioning for and doing speaking roles for commercials, web-series, short indie and student films. Along with taking a Meisner technique class at the Green Shirt Studio and two Commercial/TV-Film audition “Jam Sessions” at the Green Room Studio.

2015 goals include an actors demo reel to compliment my resume and new professional headshots. Then sign with a SAG/AFTRA registered talent agent while continuing to work on my craft/skill as an actor.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Career Update

After the July-August 2013 job as the stand-in for actor Spencer Wilding in the movie “Jupiter Ascending” completed: I enrolled at the Chicago Actors Studio and have been taking acting classes there every Saturday. Performing plays, monologues and cold readings. My favorite has been playing Stanley Kowalski in “Street Car Named Desire”, Starbuck in “The Rain Maker” and 4 different characters’ for the studios’ Christmas/holiday play. I also took part in the Indie Film “The Working Dead” produced for the 72hr National Film Challenge, my 2nd IMDB credit!

My early 2014 goals were:
1) Registered and work at least once for all five casting agencies in Chicago that handle all professional background work: Atmosphere Casting, ExtraOrdinary Casting, Joan Philo Casting, and Marinella Chicago Casting, and 4 Star Casting.
2) Work at least once on all six TV series filmed in Chicago: Betrayal, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Crisis, Mind Games and Shameless, (plus the Empire trailer).
3) Work at least once for all four background-acting positions: Extra (featured), Precision Driver, Photo Double and Stand-in.

By April I had completed all but the photo double goal, having worked a total of nearly sixty days on the various film sets. My next goals are to continue taking the acting classes and add the audition class also available at the Chicago Actors Studio. It’s time to get my audition skills polished, resume and headshots in order and demo reel finished. Then let the auditioning for character roles begin!