Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Team Get A Grip Cycles

2009 marked the final season for Team Get A Grip Cycles. As the sole remaining rider and former director of the team I continue my affiliation and positive relationship with what was the team's most dedicated sponsor, Get A Grip Cycles. As with the team, my own personal racing career mostly ended in 2009. I had sustained several severe injuries to my hip, ribs and back from a crash that took place while competing in the UW Whitewater Road Race in July of 2009. Although I would race again in 2009 with a season final top ten finish in the Cat 1/2/3 Ronald Reagan Criterium all further attempts at making a real comeback were cancelled out by chronic injuries and illness. Truthfully though, I had become mentally burned out with racing several years before the physical hindrances actually stopped my racing.
Meanwhile my leadership role on the team and strong relationship with many of the riders kept me going, experiencing happiness through the success of the team as a whole. Now a days with the Team and active racing career in the past I now only occasionally take part in a local race or hammer fest ride, the bike has become mostly my primarily form of transportation. As my cycling career wound down I began to more and more frequent a local boxing gym. So now as a mostly retired bicycle racer I’ve become an ever more dedicated amateur boxer and so my athletic adventure continues.

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