Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life Aspirations

This simple cell phone image represents the beginning of a new life aspiration. Uwe the bicycle racer as most have known me is no more. The aspiration of being a scholar of ancient oriental philosophy has been put on indefinite hold. Even longer in the past are my attempts as a sports car racer and Buddhist Monk. And finally, my present involvement as an amateur boxer will never be more than an athletic hobby.

My new aspiration is as an actor. The above photo was the first shared as a headshot to a Chicago based casting company, Atmosphere Casting. The plan was to land the role as a driver for the film “Jupiter Ascending”, instead it landed me the job of stand-in. It is not my first exposure to acting. Long ago I was part of four different Operas at the Chicago Lyric Opera and several years ago I was a key actor in a commercial for SAP where I played the part of an elite cyclist. There were other small roles such as in a music video and in an independent short film.

But none-the-less, the aspiration of being an actual actor is a real challenge for me. I could easily give in to psychological comfort and continue on the path to being a scholar and hide myself away behind a mountain of books in a tiny office at some university. But instead I’ve chosen to confront my personal introverted and passive aggressive self, to broaden my character, to challenge myself, to embrace the change that occurs all around me and in me everyday, to make imagination become reality.

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