Sunday, February 8, 2015

Career Update 2

By summer 2014 I completed my third 10 week Acting as a Craft course and followed that up with an 8 week on camera TV/Film audition course all at The Chicago Actors Studio. Following that was a 4 week audition class at The Public House Theater that led to me finally developing an actor’s resume and headshot.

While the fall and winter did include doing some featured extra work it was predominantly spent auditioning for and doing speaking roles for commercials, web-series, short indie and student films. Along with taking a Meisner technique class at the Green Shirt Studio and two Commercial/TV-Film audition “Jam Sessions” at the Green Room Studio.

2015 goals include an actors demo reel to compliment my resume and new professional headshots. Then sign with a SAG/AFTRA registered talent agent while continuing to work on my craft/skill as an actor.