Friday, February 3, 2017

Career Update 2016 Part 2

2016 revolved around the finishing up of one TV series pilot, "Verrater" and the starting of another, "Hero Today Gone Tomorrow". I excitingly had the opportunity to audition in person for two national TV commercials including one at O'Connor Casting. I also auditioned for entrance into The School at the Steppenwolf. Unfortunately despite great preparation and what I felt were very good auditions, none of them led beyond the audition. Lastly, was the successful audition and preparation for a Indy short that was unfortunately put on hold.

Overall, 2016 was a slow year with a real lack of next level (paying) opportunities. It really highlighted that I needed an agent and a demo reel (beyond 1-2 online monologues). It also showed me how not being in SAG cost me (those two commercials ended up going to SAG only actors). If I am to even get the opportunity to audition for and work on acting gigs that can turn my acting jobs into an actual career, then 2017 needs to be the year of agents, demo reels and perhaps even SAG. Photos: two headshots by Zoe McKenzie and one of TV pilot "Verrater".