Thursday, March 16, 2017

Career Update 2017

Intent on improving upon last year’s rather disappointing casting situation I am aggressively going after as many casting opportunities as I can find and am relying much more on opportunities found online at Actors Access then I have in the past. So far this year I’ve managed to work on one IMDB credited college film, one IMDB credited improv indie film, one paid corporate video commercial and one paid PSA for health care. I have also sent in two taped video auditions (as yet outcome unknown) and have an upcoming in person audition for a paid college thesis film. I am also finally starting work on my much needed actor demo reel.

Work on the TV pilot for “Verrater” continues and now includes a “sizzle” reel to pitch the whole series to a network. Photos include one from “Verrater” and two from “Surface Shields” corporate video.